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Frequently Asked Questions about the CSA


1. What is a CSA anyway?

2. How does CSA pick up work?

3. When do I pick up my veggies?

4. What will be in the share?

5. How many people does a CSA share feed?

6. What is the difference in size between the Large and Small Summer shares?

7. What can I do if there is a vegetable I don't like?

8. What if I have to miss my pick up day?

9. Should I bring my own bags?

10. What are the payment options?

1. What is a CSA anyway?      CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a model that creates a mutually beneficial relationship between local consumers and farmers. It helps farmers in ways that other conventional markets can't, by having customers become members of the farm that sign up and prepay before the growing season begins, ensuring a customer base for the farmer and funds to grow seedlings and plant them before the product is ready for sale. In turn a CSA helps to preserve local farmland and supports community development by bringing people together and fostering connection to the land.      

Each week during the growing season CSA members are paid back for their investment in vegetables! CSA members benefit when the farm does well by receiving a greater value of produce over the course of the season than they paid at the beginning. Our goal is to give our members a 10-20% return on their investment for each CSA share. CSA members can look forward to the freshest veggies and get to enjoy the unique and delicious flavors of varieties that can't be found in the grocery store all while supporting their local economy.

2. How does CSA pick up work?      When you come to pick up your share at the farm you will park by the wood sided farmstand at 50 Winthrop Street (our sign by the road). You will be responsible for checking your name off the list on the clipboard to verify that you have picked up. Read the week's share signs and go around the room collecting the amounts of the items listed.

Hint: We list our items on each board from left to right so if you are reading the first board and wondering what the third crate is, read down the list to the third item. If you would like more of an item, you can purchase it by using the honor system box on the wall and reading the price list, or you can pay the farmstand attendant. If you have any questions please ask the farmstand attendant or other members, we are here to help each other out!      

In the Spring and Winter, CSA pick ups may take place in the white farmhouse, but this will be indicated in the weekly share email. For pick ups at the farmhouse, feel free to park in the house parking lot and enter through the red door with the wooden ramp and steps.

3. When do I pick up my veggies? When you sign up for your share you will be given the option of which day of the week you would like to pick up. Picks up days are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Pick up times are 2:00pm-7:00pm on Tuesday and Thursdays to allow people coming home from work to pick up conveniently, and 12:00pm - 4:00pm on Saturdays.

4. What will be in the share?  The share will feature a variety of produce that grows in our climate. In the Spring you should expect lots of greens (pea tendrils, kale, spinach, mustard greens, lettuces, tatsoi, and bok choy), spring turnips and radishes, scallions, herbs, as well as the first peas, carrots, and beets. In the Summer you can expect the fruiting crops like peppers, eggplant, squash, cucumbers and tomatoes, as well as new potatoes, garlic, fresh onions, lettuce, bunched greens, carrots, beets, radish, turnips, melons, and more! In the winter we have winter squash, leeks, onions, potatoes, garlic, popcorn, carrots, storage radish, turnips, rutabaga, cabbage, broccoli and more.

5. How many people does a CSA share feed?      Our shares are designed to supply the seasonally available vegetables needed for a family of 4 people or 2 people who eat mainly vegetables. Compared to other CSA's in our area, we do our best not to overwhelm our members with vegetables and to make sure you feel empowered by all the local veggies you get the opportunity to eat and cook with rather than burdened by them.

6. What is the difference in size between the large and small summer shares?     Small share are exactly half of a large share. Large share members will pick up a full share every week for 20 weeks while small share members will pick up a full share every other week. The small shares are intended for people who aren't around to cook much or those interested in trying out the CSA model. Summer is the time with the greatest diversity of vegetables and is a good time to eat local and become acquainted with new vegetables that you might not have heard of before while still getting lots of veggies you recognize and love.

7. What can I do if there is a vegetable I don't like?  Especially during our Summer share, we try to group some vegetables together so that our members get a choice of what they'd like. For example, you may get to take a 3lb mix of carrots, beets, or potatoes, so if you don't like beets you can just take the others. We also set up a trade/swap bin and put a few extra options in it, so you can leave your bunch of turnips in the bin and take a head of cabbage if you'd like.

8. What if I have to miss my pick up day?      

If you cannot pick up your share, we prefer that you arrange for someone else to pick it up for you. You are responsible for explaining the pick-up location and procedures to your substitute – you do not need to inform us if someone else is picking up your share.  If you cannot find anyone to pick up for you and cannot make your pick up time please send an email to us at katie.bekel@medwaycommunityfarm.org no less than 24 hours before the start of your original pick up, or your new pick up, whichever comes first.       

Please try to limit changes in pickup day during the season. Remember, we are accommodating over 250 members. Please understand that if you do not pick up your share on your pickup day and have not given us any notice, we cannot guarantee there will be a share available for you to pick up later in the week.

9. Should I bring my own bags?      

Yes, please! We ask that our CSA members bring their own bags for picking up their produce. We often have extra plastic bags around that members bring in for their use but you shouldn't rely on this option. Typically 2-3 good sized bags are enough for Spring/Summer, often you will need 3-4 in Winter since the pick up includes two weeks worth of veggies.

10. What are the payment options?    

Once you sign up for your share you will receive an invoice via email with the total of your purchases. Please don't send in payment until you have received your invoice, so we can add in any discounts for purchasing combo shares. Once you've received your invoice you have the option of paying your balance entirely via credit card/check. Payment is due in full within 2 weeks, however, you may email the farm manager, Seth at seth.terramane@gmail.com to discuss payment options.

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