Collaborations with Medway Public Schools

Medway 4th Grade School to Farm Project

Our most exciting, and innovative collaboration with the public schools began the spring of 2010. 4th grade teachers Mrs. Nash and Mrs. Hickman brought their 4th grade classes to our new farm to grow a spring garden, which they turned into cole-slaw and served at school.

This year, we are excited to host 4 new 4th grade classes. Beginning in April, the students visit the farm 5 times. During these 2 hour visits they plant and tend two 200 square foot gardens they fill with spring crops like spinach, lettuce, kohlrabi and bok choy. They also do team projects helping at the farm, keep journals and go on nature hikes around the property. On the day of their last visit they harvest and sell the produce they grew at the farm stand, host tasting tables where students and parents can try the produce, and even set up an outdoor museum to showcase the students farm related artwork. We also donate several crates of produce to the Medway Food Pantry.

Students are able to work with our farmers, their teachers and each other to create a meaningful, hands-on experience that unites all of the core curriculums around planting, tending and harvesting a garden. Plus they have fun and try new vegetables! 

*Sponsor a Class

This project is our most innovative, effective and tried-and-true school gardening endeavor - and students/parents don't have to pay anything to participate. We have received some grants in the past to off-set the costs of running the program, and can off-set some costs with the sale of produce at the farm stand and money form the Community Service Learning program at the elementary school, but we need more support. Consider making a meaningful donation that will have a huge impact on this project:

$15 - Covers the Cost for one student to participate in the entire program (over 10 hours of hands-on, farm and gardening education deliberately tied into the core curriculum)

$75 - Covers the Cost of the Bus to bring all 4 classes to the farm for one visit (there are 5 visits)

$125 - Covers the Cost of all the potting soil, seeds and trays needed to plant the spring gardens

$200 - Covers the Cost of 2 MCF Staff and 1 MCF Intern leading the educational programming for one visit (that's just $2/child/visit) 

$375 - Covers the Cost for One Entire Class to participate in the program

$1500 - Covers the Cost of the Entire Program


Burke/Memorial Raised Bed Gardens

In 2011 Mrs. Nash and Mrs. Hickman, the founders of the 4th grade School to Farm Project, wrote and received a grant from the Medway Foundation for Education to build 4 raised bed gardens at the Burke/Memorial School.  In 2012 they invited our farmer, Brittany, to visit the school and lead planting and harvesting projects. In the fall of 2012 the built 4 more raised beds and in the spring of 2013 9 3rd and 4th grade classes participated in the school gardening project.   

6th Grade Raised Bed Garden Project

In 2012 a 6th grade teacher reached out the to farm in an effort to develop a school gardening program at Medway Middle School. Tying gardening into the core curriculum regarding both plant biology and the scientific method, MCF wrote and received a grant from the Whole Kids Foundation for $2000 to build four 100 square foot raised garden beds in the courtyard at the school.  The garden beds were completed in the Fall of 2013 and we are currently working with the 6th grade teachers to develop a curriculum and garden plan for the Spring, Summer and Fall of 2014.

High School Community Service Learning

Each Spring and Fall, High School students in the Community Service Learning class walk to the farm from the High School to participate in volunteer activities at the farm.  They have helped harvest fall crops, rake leaves, plant spring crops and many other very helpful tasks.  We are grateful for their service and look forward to continuing the relationship.



Would you like your classroom or group to participate in a similar program?  


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