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Posted 3/12/2014 12:28pm by Brittany Sidway.

Although it looks like spring will be getting off to a slow start, we are glad for this muddy, melting weather and looking forward to starting some of our spring and summer programs.  We are again partnering with MCE to offer many fun farm and cooking programs as well as bringing back some old favorites like Backyard Chickens 101 and Fun on the Farm.  

Check them out!

Backyard Chickens 101

CSA Cooking Classes

Farm Tours

Medway Community Education Brochure - click this link to register for MCE Classes

Our course listings:

MALL HANDS MAKING SMALL GARDENS - Ages: 2-up - Medway Community Farm Staff


Here is the perfect opportunity to build something you can actually eat! In this fun new class, all participants will build a beautiful garden that will grow – you will fill your container garden with your choice of organic herbs and salad greens. You can make your edible garden for yourself or as a surprise for your mom on Mother’s Day! Moms and Dads are welcome to join their gardener or drop-off their child age 6 and older. You are welcome to build a second garden for $20. Proceeds benefit the Medway Community Farm.

Course #C2-14 1 session Sunday, 5/4 9:30-11:00am Medway Community Farm, 50 Winthrop Street $35


AFTERNOONS ON THE FARM - Ages: Grades K-8 - Medway Community Farm Staff
Join us on the farm for an afternoon of learning and play! Help us take care of the animals, work in the greenhouse and gardens, play games, and learn how nature and nutrition come together on the farm. Every day is different at the farm! Please send children prepared to be outside in all weather, including warm waterproof boots. Layers are best depending on weather! Please have a snack before arriving. You may register for the entire season or just one day at a time!
Course #C8-14 K-4 8 sessions Wednesdays, 4/9 - 6/4 3:30-5:00pm Medway Community Farm, 50 Winthrop Street (No class 4/23)

Course #C9-14 5-8 8 sessions Thursdays, 4/10 - 6/5 2:30-5:00pm Medway Community Farm, 50 Winthrop Street (No class 4/24) $25/session $200/entire season


$20/session $160/entire season

SPRING VACATION FARM CLASS - Ages: Grades 1-4 & 5-8 - Medway Community Farm Staff

Spend your spring vacation with us on the farm! Medway Community Farm is offering full-day farm classes during Medway’s spring break week. You may choose to spend the entire week with us or several different days during the week. Each day includes a well-structured balance of curriculum activities focused on nature, food, and nutrition. In addition, our day includes lots of fun arts and crafts, games, and activities. Some activities include taking care of the animals, working in the greenhouse, cooking classes, and farm scavenger hunts. Please send children prepared to be outside during all types of weather - tall boots recommended for nature walks. Children should come with a snack and lunch and be dropped- off/picked-up at the farmhouse. Please register early due to limited class size.

Course #C10-14 5 sessions M -F, 4/21 - 4/25 9:00am-3:00pm Medway Community Farm, 50 Winthrop Street $70/day or $300/week





Join Medway Community Farm for a four-week seasonal cooking class. Chef-turned-Farmer Tracy Jenkins demonstrates how to work with the freshest and most seasonally-appropriate New England ingredients. Each week offers a specific topic as we work through an entire meal plan - soups and salads, appetizers, main course, and desserts. A few of the ingredients you may be working with are greens, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots and potatoes. The classes are hands-on and allow for additional local ingredients to be bought the day of the class. Please bring an apron from home.

Course #C60-14 4 sessions Tuesdays, 4/8 - 5/6 7:00-9:00pm Memorial School Teachers’ Room (No class 4/22) $145


PLANNING THE ORGANIC GARDEN - Brittany Sidway Overshiner
Learn valuable planning skills and growing methods that will help you get the most out of your New England Garden, and ways to reduce garden costs! Brittany Sidway Overshiner is the Farmer at Medway Community Farm and has been making her living from vegetable production in Medway for the last 4 years. She will share valuable planting schedules produced over the years at MCF and tips for extending the growing season and increasing yields. Class will be helpful for both beginning and experienced gardeners alike.
Course #C63-14 1 session Thursday, 5/10 7:00-9:00pm Medway Community Farm Center, 50 Winthrop St. $25

BIG IDEAS, LITTLE GARDENS - Brittany Sidway Overshiner
Sometimes our eyes are bigger than our stomachs...and sometimes our vegetable dreams are bigger than our yards! Container gardening is an innovative way to create growing space in a small area, or supplement an existing garden. Fewer weeds and less-frequent watering are just two of the benefits to this approach. Join Brittany, Farm Manager of the Medway Community Farm, and learn how to plant your own container garden with organic salad greens and herbs. All participants will create their own container garden to take home. Proceeds benefit the Medway C!ommunity Farm.

Course #C63-14 1 session Thursday, 5/10 7:00-9:00pm Medway Community Farm Center, 50 Winthrop St. $25

 MCE Program Flier

We hope you consider signing up for one of our classes - please forward to anyone you think might enjoy an MCF class or program!

Posted 3/10/2014 9:50am by Brittany Sidway.

I've never had one of those dreams where you look down and realize you're naked in public.  I dream vividly most nights, usually some sci-fi like combination of the last movie I watched, something I read in the news, a place I visited when I was twelve and my college roommates (or some other random assortment).

But, from January through March, about once a week, I have a stress dream.  It's never the same, but always similar.  Here's how it goes:

It's the first CSA pick up day!  The weather is beautiful, I'm so excited to see customers who have come to feel like friends over the years.  I'm feeling hopeful, inspired and excited for the future of our farm and for agriculture in general.  

And then I realize: I forgot to plant the vegetables!  

I'm wondering how this is possible, did I black out for two months?  Was I too relaxed over the winter and just forgot time was passing?  Did I miss-read the calendar?!!  I start to quietly panic inside, not wanting anyone to know how badly I've messed up.  I rush to the greenhouse to find seedlings, barely emerged from their seed casings and begin cutting micro greens.  Three leaves per CSA member.  What else can I do?!  But if I cut these it will be even longer before I can harvest crops for the next pick ups.  I'm a month behind and frantically trying to figure out how to produce a thousand dollars worth of produce in an instant.

And then I wake up.  I suck in air and try to force my delinquent brain to figure out what month it is.  PHEW. It's only March.  We've got a month and a half until the first CSA pick up and we've already got two hoop-houses in the field fully planted and growing, we've got our onions and other early greens seeded.  Everything is on schedule - or as on schedule as it can be in this incredibly cold winter!

I love the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model.  I love having a strong relationship with customers, I love the financial security, I love the boundaries a CSA provides for the farm plan.  But having a CSA is like taking out an opperating loan from a bank with a few hundred board members who have a real stake in what you are doing.  There is a little pressure there - but for me, it's good pressure.  It pushes me to meet the goals I have set for myself and the business.

So, the CSA might give me a few stressful, late-winter dreams, but I wouldn't ever give it up.  Our CSA is the backbone of our organization and the foundation of our farm.  Thank you to everyone who has, does and will participate in our CSA program!

Posted 12/18/2013 7:01am by Brittany Sidway.

MCE Flier

We have cooking classes for kids and adults, after school programs for elementary and middle school students and even a full day, week long program during February break!  

Posted 12/7/2013 1:01pm by Brittany Sidway.

2013 Annual Report


Hello Farm Supporters!  Please take a moment to read through our first ever annual report!  We've come a long way since we planted our first seeds in 2010.  Please share with friends, family and neighbors!


Stay warm and dry!


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Posted 11/20/2013 12:56pm by Brittany Sidway.
Please join us for our 
Annual Meeting
Thursday, November 21st @ the Medway Library.  
7:30pm - 8:30pm
We will review 2013 and share our plans for 2014.  
We welcome anyone with an interest in our farm who wants to help us grow!
There will be time for comments and suggestions.  
Light refreshments will be served.
Posted 10/4/2013 7:45am by Brittany Sidway.

The Farm is the most beauitful I have ever seen it.  The leaves are so stunning it takes my breath away.  We have started interplanting our flowers with our vegetables and the effect is just beautiful.   Definitely take the time to walk back to the fields when stopping by the farm stand or picking up your share!

Or better yet, sign up for our first ever farm Yoga Class this Sunday @ 11:00am

I can't think of a better setting for a yoga class.



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Posted 9/8/2013 9:14am by Brittany Sidway.

Medway 300 Farm Day
and Medway Community Farm Fall Festival*
Sunday, September 15th

10am -12pm @ Shady Oaks Farm
12pm-4pm @ Medway Community Farm
FREE ADMISSION - donations welcome!

Rain or Shine!
Click to View Full Schedule
Tractor Pull - Cow Chip Bingo - Food Vendors - Craft Vendors
Historic Farm Crafts and Traditional MCF Fall Festival Activites

LIVE MUSIC! made possible by a grant from the Medway Cultural Council 
Copley Cats
Little Jed and the Phat Daddies

Cow Chip Bingo Tickets Available @ MCF Farm Stand on Tuesday, September 10th from 1pm-7pm.

*The MCF Fall Festival, traditionally held in the end of October, has been moved to Sunday, September 15th to support the Medway 300 Farm Day.
We know a lot of you have come to love this traditional, community event, so don't miss out this year! Help spread the word by forwarding this email!

Contact our volunteer coordinator to help out the day of the event.

Posted 5/25/2013 6:18am by Brittany Sidway.

Well, it was a whirlwind week at MCF!  Not only did we catch up on our planting (almost 2000 bed feet in just two days!), harvest the spring share (we are on week 4), keep up with greenhouse seeding and destroying lots and lots of weeds but we also were able to provide farm education for 80 Medway 4th graders, 200 Medway 6th graders and 15 Franklin 2nd grade Brownies!

The 4th graders came on Monday to weed their gardens and helped build the children's garden we will use in the summer programs this summer!  

Then, on Tuesday we went to the Middle School to plant the sunflowers we started on the windowsill in the courtyard.  The soil in the courtyard is not very healthy, but luckily we just received a grant from the Whole Kids Foundation to build raised bed gardens in the fall!!  

And on Friday, in the drizzling rain, the Brownies and I had a blast touring the farm, tasting garlic leaves, dill, lettuce, bok choy, brushing our teeth with sage leaves and talking about the importance of water in agriculture!

Interested in farm education for your child, class, group?  Check out these opportunities at MCF or email me!

Summer Programs

Farm Tours/Scout Tours

Happy Full Moon!!


Posted 1/7/2013 2:14pm by Brittany Sidway.

The descriptions of our 2013 shares are available now!  Click here to read about them.

Please email our farm manager if you have not had a share in the past but would like to be on our waiting list this season. 

We can't wait to start our first seeds!!!

Posted 8/3/2012 9:17am by Brittany Sidway.

We invite you to join us  at the Medway Community Farm for  dinner under the sky in a beautiful setting celebrating Medway’s farm, food and community. 

Experience a truly unique and wonderful meal prepared by Chef Ben Lacy of Tastings Wine Bar and Bistro with wine and beer pairings and of course amazing produce from our own farm! 

This event is a farm-to-table feast, farm fundraiser, and community celebration rolled into one! Live music by Little Jed and the Phat Daddies, fun, beer ... this is the best way to end the summer! Don’t miss this special event.


Chef Ben Lacy from Tastings Wine Bar and Bistro is planning to prepare an amazing pig roast and seasonal menu paired with your choice of wine or beer. *Vegetarian options will be available.

    6-7 pm: Reception and appetizers 
    7-8 pm: Family style meal 
    8-9 pm: Live music 

Wine pairing : TBA
Beer Pairing: Peak Organic



Just $75 per ticket for a gourmet meal, beer and wine and live music!
At the event you can get a receipt for your tax-deductible donation to the Medway Community Farm

Ticket sales are being managed through Tastings Wine Bar & Bistro call 508-203-9463.
Tickets are LIMITED! Don’t wait!




Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

This is a 21 and up event where alcohol will be served.


What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Parking is available but this is a green event so we encourage you to carpool.


Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

You can email with any questions.

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