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Posted 8/15/2014 6:15am by Brittany Sidway.

 By: Jeff Vendetti (Summer Marketing Intern)

The summer is a very busy time on the farm with all the harvesting, summer programs, markets, and events. The Medway Community Farm staff works tirelessly to make sure all of these activities are met with the importance they all need and deserve.

Kevin Overshiner is one of these staff members that plays an important role in the effort to make sure Medway Community delivers a great product. Kevin was willing to spend time this week to share his thoughts in an interview on his role this summer and the direction of Medway Community Farm.

Jeff (Interviewer): What is your job title?

Kevin: Field Manager

Jeff: What does “community” mean to you?

Kevin: I think community is a collection of relationships that revolve around the farm. I sometimes do not know who I will be working with next, or what our goal will be, but it will probably have something to do with the farm. When we are long gone some other series of people will keep the wheels moving.

Jeff: What got you involved in working with the farm?

Kevin: I met Brittany at the Wake Up the Earth Festival in Jamaica Plain, she was working full time farming, coming to Medway after work to tend a 1/4 acre garden. She was very busy. To spend time with her I helped her in the garden. One thing led to another, and we moved my mother's camper onto the property. I haven't left, though the camper has.

Jeff: What is your background?

Kevin: I have zero background in farming. That being said, I've learned the difference between cabbage and lettuce since working here.

Jeff: What is your favorite vegetable the farm grows? Why?

Kevin: Yes. Because it is delicious. But for serious? I love growing potatoes, I use the cultivating tractor to hill up soil around the plants so that the taters will grow comfortably, and digging them is fun when the soil isn't too rocky.

Jeff: Can you describe your responsibilities at MCF?

Kevin: Depending on where I am needed, I help run harvests, irrigate, cultivate, or use our tractors to do field work. There are many tasks we will never finish on the farm, we do our best to knock as many of them off the list as we can.      

Jeff: How do you like working with Volunteers?

Kevin: My favorite volunteers are the people who understand that genuine volunteerism is a practice of hard work, flexibility and patience. If you come to the farm with a preconceived notion of what you'll be doing that day, you might be up for a surprise, tasks change on a daily basis. I am grateful to the many volunteers that have spent time helping this organization. Kathy and Nancy come to mind, we've had them do some pretty filthy, repetitive, mindless jobs and they always did it with gusto because they knew it was important.

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