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Fall Share: Week 2

Posted 10/28/2014 2:21pm by Kevin Overshiner.
Good Afternoon Fall Share members,

Our every-other week distribution continues as planned on Tuesday and Thursday. Thank you for your cooperation as we fine tune the indoor space for your veggies and for gracefully working around our small parking lot here up by the house. Looks to be a dry week this week, dodged a bullet by skipping last week, we received at least 4-5 inches of rain here at the farm.

Exciting share this week! Lots of great stuff, some of it stores and some if it needs to be eaten fresh, sooner than later. We'll start you off with the list.

Lettuce -  red sails, a delicious variety, goes very nicely as beet salad company with goat cheese
Arugula - obvious favorite is on pizza, but goes great in a pasta, let the heat from the noodles wilt the greens to retain just enough of it's excellent flavor
Tomato - our last remaining two-bite tomatoes, quartered they go great with pastas or as your last fresh salsa of the season
Bunched Greens - kale/chard/escarole/bok choy choice
Carrots - great in everything. I like to peel them and slice them up with cabbage and onions, make a fresh slaw and eat them right away. the leftover slaw makes a great pre-mixed stir fry option for throwing in a wrap or soft taco for lunch
Peppers - 
Mini Peppers - don't confuse these with the hot peppers, mini sweet peppers make a great snack food, I eat so many of them I am surprised they make it to your shares
Sweet Turnips - lightly roast the roots and stir fry the greens or whatever inspires you, many fun things to do with these
Onions -  
Potatoes - 
Butternut - nice medium sized butternut for single uses, there are a zillion butternut recipes out there waiting for you
Beets - roast them, let them cool, peel them and stick them in the fridge. makes it easy to have a super salad ready at any moment
Cabbage - slaw, stir fry, soups, kim chi, bowling, whatever!

If I am ever overwhelmed by a vegetable and I need to eat eat it soon, I just google "_____ recipe" and i almost never fail to come up with something i like. That, or it goes in a quiche.

Excited to keep you guys in vegetables up to Christmas this year, looks like you'll be eating well, no noticeable major shortages to speak of.
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