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Cog Blog: A reflection on our importance to the whole

Posted 3/24/2014 5:08am by Kevin Overshiner.

We are all important in some way, even if we sometimes tell ourselves we just hold everyone else back.

It sounds a little grandiose, but I just now realized a sliver of my own importance as a cog in the big machine by recently sustaining a debilitating hip injury that has kept me off my feet almost completely. At the risk of sounding smug and self-celebrating I can see I may actually be important here on the farm. Brittany is realizing, in a very specific way, everything I do on a day to day basis. In the time it takes me to desperately hobble up the stairs, a mission I reserve for a special occasion, Brittany has passed through the house 3 times, and accomplished a dozen chores, but in picking up my slack she is rendered unable to perform a multitude of tasks that she could be doing otherwise. I’ve been doing my best to help out, taking care of some computer related tasks, etc. but I’ve been informed I’m a little gruff on the social relations side, so the sooner I get to shoveling chicken manure the better.

All I’m saying is that a simple thing like hindering my mobility has thrown a wrench in the daily MCF system (a term I understand better after having done even basic engine work - don’t leave your tools in there!). As I am held hostage in my own apartment I can’t help but compare my relationship to MCF with the MCF’s relationship to the food revolution; Farmer is to Farm as Farm is to Food Revolution. I have occasionally thought to myself, “if this farm goes under, it won’t make a difference in the long run, and it won’t affect the failure or success of the farming community as a whole.” I could be wrong. In truth, I think that MCF is a vital and important contributor to the farming world, especially here in Eastern Massachusetts, and we can hope that any hiccups we have are short lived and repairable.

I am grateful for two things, that my hip is not broken (thank you x-ray for unveiling the mystery) and that I have Brittany to help me through it so that I might be made useful again. I hope that if the farm nearly breaks it’s hypothetical hip we can all pull together as a community to help it pull through, so that it can continue to contribute to the greater good on more even footing, even if it means we, like Brittany, have to work more hours and put up with a little more abuse in the process.

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