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2018 CSA Share Options

Thank you for your interest in our CSA program here at Medway Community Farm. Since you’re here, you probably already know about CSA programs, their importance in the local farming scene, and how wonderful it is to be a part of a community coming together in support of the environment, small-scale agriculture, and delicious, sustainably grown food. If you’re new to the concept, however, please read a bit more about it below. Once you’re ready to sign up for one or all of our seasonal CSA options, please click the link.  


Please read the 2018 Member Agreement

New This Season!

New this year are two new CSA add-ons and a few tweaks to our regular vegetable CSA options. In addition to our already popular Egg Share, you’ll find descriptions below of our Meat CSA Add-On and our Fruit CSA Add-On. All three come from trusted area farms utilizing sustainable practices and we’re excited to partner with them this season! The vegetable CSA has changed this year as we have shifted share time frames slightly and adapted prices to match. This season we’re offering 4 more weeks of the Summer Shares, offering a Winter Share through December, and offering full (3) season combination prices. We’ve raised the prices for the summer shares but the per-week value is the same – we simply added more weeks. That’s true across all of the CSA options. Each combo price saves you 5% off the full price of all three seasonal share options, and that’s on top of the extra value that the farm already strives to provide for signing up for a CSA share. As always, we aim to give 10-15% more value than the purchase price of all the CSA options as a thank you for investing in the farm early in the season.

What is a CSA?

Much has been written about the Community Supported Agriculture model, but briefly, a CSA program is an important way for people to support their local farms and build community in their area. Members or sharers of the farm pay upfront for a portion, or share, of the crops or food for a given season. CSA programs can be for many things as, for example, we offer a vegetable CSA, meat CSA, fruit CSA, and egg CSA. Other options not at MCF include beer CSAs (cue sad face), wool, books, art, and bread CSAs – anything that the public can invest in to be a part of, and to better their surrounding communities. Different farms have different CSA options based on economic needs, acreage under cultivation, labor force, and a multitude of other factors. CSA programs allow farms to take in much-needed cash flow as the season begins which helps them purchase the items for the farm to run. In our case, that includes potting soil, seeds, seedling trays, and of course, the great people working the fields.


Please ask about SNAP benefit funded CSA shares,
and a limited number of reduced cost shares for
families and individuals designating need.


Click here for more details about SNAP program/CSA participation with SNAP and additional HIP (Healthy Incentives Program) benefits which also apply to farm shares, as well as farmstand, and farmers market purchases.

Vegetable CSA Pricing and Time Frames

Pick up days have changed slightly this season. We will have two distributions during the week and we’ve included a Saturday pick up! You’ll be able to choose between Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday to pick up your veggies. However, we may need to balance out the number of people picking up on any given day. When you sign up, please indicate your first and second choices, or that you wouldn’t be able to participate if not on a specific day and we’ll do our best to give you your first choice.

Spring Share: $175
6 Weeks

Sharers come to the farm once a week to pick up their delicious spring vegetables. The spring option runs for six weeks starting the first week in May and ending in the first full week in June. This is a great opportunity to start out the year with sustainably grown and delicious vegetables. If you’re new to CSAs this also allows you the opportunity to test one out and hopefully, you’ll enjoy the food and farm so much that you’ll sign up for everything else as well!

By the time spring rolls in, we’re starving for fresh and green vegetables.Some veggies you could find in your spring share include scallions, sweet/salad turnips, spinach, red giant mustard greens, baby bok choy, salad radish, lettuce, and arugula. 

Summer Large Share: $625
20 Weeks

This option is great for families and people who eat a lot of veggies. Our biggest share, members will pick up a full share every week for twenty weeks. It starts in the second week of June and runs through October. This option is also wonderful for those who like to freeze, can, and preserving or storing veggies for the later.

This season is the most bountiful and you’ll find lots of tasty veggies including slicing and paste tomatoes; lettuce; melon; herbs; peppers; carrots; new potatoes, cucumbers; zucchini; and eggplants.

Please note that vegetables that are included in the PYO Veggie Share, e.g. snap peas, cherry tomatoes, etc. are not included in this share.

Summer Small Share: $315
10 or 20 Weeks

Two options are available to the small share member: weekly or every other week pick ups.  We have members who do both.

The every week pick allows members to have a small portion of veggies more frequently, hopefully just enough for the week. Sometimes people simply can’t eat, store, or freeze all the veggies that come in a large share. This option is good for one or two people who don’t eat a lot of veggies or who are trying out a CSA for the first time.

Alternatively, with ever-other-week pick ups members will get a full share every two weeks, hopefully allowing more time to eat the veggies.  The weeks will run on an odd/even schedule and the farm will balance out the number of people picking up each week. 

Veggies included in this share are the same as a full summer share.

Please note that vegetables that are included in the PYO Veggie Share, e.g. snap peas, cherry tomatoes, etc. are not included in this share.

Winter Share: $325
10 Weeks

With our winter shares participants can eat their fill of wonderful fall and cold weather veggies. Great for supplementing holiday feasts, this option starts in the last week of October and runs through the very beginning of January. All sharers will pick up their veggies every other week – 5 distributions over the course of 10 weeks and each share is two week’s worth of veggies.   

Think hearty meals with this share with vegetables including kale, winter squash, storage radish, storage turnip, potatoes, sweet potatoes, bagged lettuce mix, popcorn, leeks, herbs, carrots, garlic, head lettuce, Napa cabbage, and onions.  

Combo Deals for Full Growing Season Veggie Goodness

Love veggies and want to support the farm for the whole year? Consider buying a full growing season share. Each combination allows for a 5% discount on the overall price of all three of the seasonal shares and that’s in addition to the already 10-15% extra value the farm aims to give to its CSA members.

Spring + Large Summer + Winter Shares: $1,065

Spring + Small Summer + Winter Shares: $775  




Even more options! CSA Add-On Pricing and Timeframes

These are different CSA add-ons to the above share options and have stand-alone prices. Except for the PYO Veggies and PYO Flowers, participants must purchase a vegetable CSA in order to purchase these add-ons.

All of the below products will also be available for retail purchase through the farm stand as supply allows. Signing up for these options as CSA shares, however, guarantees you share of these crops and also at better value overall.

Pick Your Own Veggies: $65
12 weeks, starting in June

Continuing this season, we’re going to have PYO vegetables for our tasty labor-intensive crops – this saves you money and the farmers’ time. This share is a great option for being in the fields and making this farm feel like your own as you’re participating in the same activity that farmers perform every day. It also gives you access to veggies you will not find in the summer shares.

We wait for these vegetables all winter long, and they include crops like snap and snow peas, string beans, cherry tomatoes, husk cherry tomatoes, tomatillos, mini sweet peppers, mini eggplants, and edamame.  


If you'd like to purchase a stand alone PYO Flower Share or a PYO Veggie Share please click the link below.

Stand Alone PYO Flower and Veggie Shares


Pick Your Own Flowers: $100
10 weeks, starting in June

For the flower lovers among us and those looking to brighten your home every week, here is an option to pick your own organic bouquet throughout the summer.  For ten weeks you’ll be able to pick 15-20 stems of flowers each week. Bright and colorful bouquets with an assortment of hardy blooms, including sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos, statice, calendula, nasturtiums, celosia, strawflower, herbs, and more!


If you'd like to purchase a stand alone PYO Flower Share or a PYO Veggie Share please click the link below.

Stand Alone PYO Flower and Veggie Shares

Egg CSA: $6.50 per dozen – via The Pumpkin Farm

We’re excited to again be partnering with The Pumpkin Farm here in Medway to offer an egg CSA. They raise their chickens sustainably and they produce delicious, colorful eggs (Check out their chicken practices here). Egg shares are available for the spring, summer, and winter shares. When you sign up, you may receive up to 3 full dozens of eggs each week. They are priced at $6.50 per dozen and a discount will be given for signing up for all three seasonal shares.

Individual Season - As an example, purchasing 2 dozen eggs every week for 20 weeks for the large summer share will result in a CSA price of $260 for the entire summer.

All Year - For combining all three seasons the price drops to $5.85 per dozen. For example, 2 dozens for the spring + small summer + winter shares comes to just over $304 – a steal for organic, local, pasture-raised eggs!

Fruit CSA: $75 – via Autumn Hills Orchards
8 Weeks

This Fruit CSA is new this season and Seth, the farmer, has worked with Ann at Autumn Hills for many years. They are not an organic orchard but do utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems.  Ideally, this means spraying for pests as minimally as possible in order to have fruit. IPM systems can certainly be problematic as farms can claim to spray minimally but don’t – which is a reason to always talk to the farmers of any farm to figure out their practices. Ann at Autumn Hill is one of the good ones – true to her word, she tries her best to minimize the number of applications and the liquid amounts she actually sprays.

The fruit CSA will run for eight weeks starting in late August. Each share will be in a half peck bag (the ones you find at the supermarket or in farm stands) which is roughly 5 lbs. of apples or an equivalent weekly value of other fruit. Shares are picked and packed one or two days before members get them. Given the seasonal weather, you could find peaches, early and late season pears, Concord and/or Somerset grapes, plums, and of course apples of many varieties. And toward the holidays, they will also have half bushels, full pecks, and seconds fruit (slightly blemished) available for sale if you’d like to make pies, jams, or whathaveyou.

Note – Although it has never happened for a full season of fruit, strangely cold weather may mean there are no blossoms and thus no fruit.  This can happen when our region has a warmer end of winter or early spring followed by a cold snap. Blossoms emerge and then are quickly brought down by cold temperatures. More likely this could happen to early fruit like peaches and pears but not for entire year’s worth of fruit.  

Meat CSA – via Pete & Jenn’s Backyard Birds at Codman Community Farm

New to our community this year, we’re excited to provide this option for those who eat meat. Shares in this CSA will receive a monthly poundage of cuts chosen by the farmers at Pete & Jenn’s Backyard Birds (Check out their animal practices here). Their animals are pasture raised and spend most of their lives roaming fields. The details and pricing will be emailed to those interested in this option. When you sign up for one of our regular CSA options, simply indicate that you’d like more information. As an example, a share could be a mix of beef, pork, and chicken at 10 lbs. per month, costing around $10 per pound.         



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